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Relocating can be pretty stressful. While many individuals have friends and family members who can assist with local moves, moving may be more straightforward with the assistance of one of the best moving companies Ottawa offers. This can provide an easy, hassle-free experience and will undoubtedly save your back!

Not every moving company can satisfy the needs of every relocation. Identifying the right moving company is the next step after committing to the process of relocation. Selecting the best moving company might be daunting since you’re entrusting a stranger with your money and possessions. But there are several measures to guarantee that you hire the best company at the right cost.

1. Hire a local company

As a rule of thumb, always choose a local moving company. When you select a local moving company, you have the opportunity to evaluate their facilities and equipment, and you’ll be able to contact them more quickly if you have any problems or queries.

2. Verify licensing and insurance

Professional movers must have all the necessary certificates and licenses. Furthermore, these certifications should not be difficult to find and verify; the best moving companies Ottawa offers will be open about their licenses and professional credentials. When narrowing down your choices, look for the following qualifications:

  • Affiliation with other trustworthy companies
  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau
  • Membership in trade organizations
  • Registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles

3. Compare Estimates

You should acquire at least three in-home quotes. Don’t accept a ballpark figure over the phone. This might result in a weight estimate that’s either too low or too high. Instead, request that they come to your home to take inventory of your possessions. After that, you may compare pricing and choose the service provider that best meets your requirements.

4. Ask for recommendations

Reach out to family and friends for advice. See if you can learn anything about the best moving companies Ottawa has. Find out if there were issues with their service provider. Were any of their items damaged in transit? If so, how was the claim handled? Was the company’s initial estimate accurate?

5. Read user reviews

In addition to getting referrals from family and friends, do some research on the internet. Take a look at their reviews on Yelp and Google. Check whether there has been a pattern of satisfied customers or difficulties. Alternatively, check with the Better Business Bureau to determine whether there have been complaints.

6. Inquire about the charges.

Avoid getting into a situation where you think you’ve gotten a fantastic deal only to be surprised when your final bill is substantially greater than anticipated due to surcharges. A reputable moving company will be transparent about all charges, while some may tack on extra charges you weren’t aware of when you signed.

7. Watch out for big down payments

Most companies will not charge a deposit before moving your things. If they do, the percentage should not exceed 20%. Even then, make the deposit on a credit card rather than cash. If there is an issue, you may protest the fee.


Time and effort will be saved by hiring the best moving companies Ottawa has to offer. First, to avoid making a decision you’ll regret later, research before handing over your valuables to someone else and look for warning signs. Then, choose a moving company with a strong reputation and positive customer feedback that takes the time to provide you with an accurate quote.

Sometimes a Small Moving Company is a big idea!

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